Tanaka Violin Bow Repair and Rehair
Yasuoki Tanaka was born in Tokyo, Japan. He began studying violin at
the age of five and attended the Toho School of Music in Tokyo. He
moved to the United States at the age of fifteen and went on to study
music at Indiana University. There, he received his Bachelor of Music
degree while under the tutelage of greats such as Josef Gingold,
Joseph Silverstein and Broadus Erle.
About Yasuoki Tanaka
Contact Information
Yasuoki Tanaka
11176 Oakenshield Circle
Columbia, MD 21044
(443) 472-0801
Mr. Tanaka joined the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 1970, and has
been in the first violin section since. He is currently the fourth-chair of
the BSO's first violin section. He has been rehairing and repairing
bows since 1980, serving students and professionals alike in